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It’s been a while since i’ve posted anything and today seems like the perfect day to begin again.

So, I had a baby! LOL! I took a break to enjoy my pregnancy…plus, I was so huge, I couldn’t fit into anything anyway. I went from a nice 135lbs to a whooping 196lbs before my 8lb baby boy made his debut. When I say that baby Sammy was a surprise….HE WAS NOT PLANNED! BUT, VERY WELCOME!

7 months!Pregnancy Shoot

We found out we were pregnant on my parent’s 24th wedding anniversary and nothing was the same afterwards. Pregnancy was not what I expected. I wanted that pregnancy glow everyone talks about…but, what I got were chin hairs, vicious acne, stretch marks, severe acid reflux and LOTS of extra fat.

Still, Samuel Krisitian Ford came out a health baby.

Ready to PopD-Day. At Brookwood HospitalFresh Out the Womb

He was 4 days overdue and STILL didn’t want to come out so I ended up having to get a cesarean. Now, i’m just trying to heal and enjoy my little family.

Today, Sammy is 3 weeks old and gaining weight every single day.

He is the joy of our lives, he is the reason for my reason for lack of sleep, the reason I smell like vomit and urine all day long and the reason I am constantly smiling (how did I get so lucky?).

He is my new reason for existing. So this Thanksgiving, I want to take time out to say how thankful I am for my little Ford family and this blessing God has bestowed on Samuel and I.

I hope you all are enjoying time with your families and all that good home cooking. I pray that your homes are filled with joy, peace and much love.

Happy Thanksgiving…Love you, Mean it!

pssss…enjoy Black Friday for me and shop twice as hard

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XoXo Emma





Happy Thanksgiving All,

I am going to keep this blogpost short, but I wanted to give you a BTS view of how my family celebrates Thanksgiving. Being from Africa, I never knew or celebrated Thanksgiving until I came to America. I fell in love with this awesome tradition. How wonderful is it that we get a whole day dedicated to giving thanks for all the things that we have. This is a tradition that we should try to keep all year around. I am forever grateful for all that God has given me. The opportunity to come to America, my family, my husband, my church and the future I have yet to see or achieve.

I pray that this thanksgiving was a good for you as well. Even if you didn’t celebrate it with your natural family or with all the food and friends that you wanted, you are still blessed because you are alive right now! I thank God for every single one of you that read this blog and encourage me with all the kind words and love…I pray that this holiday season is peaceful and blessed.

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After stuffing our face, my husband and I took some time out to go watch the movie Creed . Great movie! Check it out.

Comment below and let us know how your Thanksgiving went and what kind of traditions you and your family have.

BTW, how many of y’all are going out to weather the craziness that is Black Friday? Please be safe and remember that a toaster oven or vacuum is not worth your life…lol!

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Pssss…Remember that a grateful heart is a happy heart.

XoXo Emma Ford