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Worthy: How Do You Measure Your Self Worth?

how do you measure your self worth

“How do you measure your self worth?”

Take a minute and answer this question to yourself. Really, stop reading and answer it. If someone put you in a room and told you to write down how you measure YOUR self-worth, what would you put down on that piece of paper? Is it based off your looks, your intellect, your accomplishments, the opinions of others, the amount of twitter and Facebook followers you have? How do you measure your self worth? The minute you find out the answer, hold on to it and it’s discuss it.

There is the parable about a old man who gave his son a precious ring. He told his son to take it to the market and take no less than one gold coin for the ring. The young man went to every market and every vendor and they all laughed him away and told him he was crazy and that the ring was only worth 5 silver coins. He went home disappointed and told his father he had failed. His father then told him to go to a an expert jeweler and find out the value of the ring but NOT to sell it for any reason. 

How do you measure your self worth?

The young man went to the jeweler and gave him the ring. The jeweler looked it over and offered the young man 50 gold coins. The young man was so surprised he could only stare at the jeweler. The jeweler then offered 70 gold coins and promised even more if the young man would agree and sell it right away. The son picked up his ring and went home to the father surprised and confused by jeweler’s offers. He told his father the news and his father laughed and said, “Son you can’t expect the fools at the markets and in the streets to ever know the worth of something as priceless as this jewel. Only an expert will ever know it’s true value.” Now, How do you measure your self worth? Is it the street value or the value of an expert evaluator?

This story is exactly what is happening in the world we live in. We look everywhere else for self-worth except at the two experts: God who created you, and yourself. We look at “role models” like Kim Kardashian or Nikki Minaj and when our body, face, hair or life doesn’t line up, we lose a little bit of self-esteem. When we see others doing better than us in life, on their jobs, in their families, we lose a little bit of self-esteem. Without even knowing, we are unconsciously measuring ourselves against a standard that was never meant for us. So, Let me ask again, how do you measure your self worth?

How do you measure your self worth?

If the measuring rod for YOUR self worth isn’t God and yourself, then throw the whole ruler away. Start all over. You will never measure up to the standards of any one else point-blank-period. You were made uniquely, differently and beautifully. Individual from your eyes all the way to your fingertips; there is no one else like you! Keep that in mind every time comparison tries to creep in. Pick up your Bible and read how you were wonderfully and beautifully made (Ps. 139) and how God knew you and had a plan for you before you were even born (Jeremiah 1:5). Put these scriptures and self-affirming words all over your mirror, house and doors and feed your spirit with them every day. Self worth is an inside job. It begins by building ourself up from the inside out. The minute you realize your self worth and value, you refuse to give others discounts and to discount yourself from all that is good in this world. 

You won’t be perfect if you’re skinnier, smarter, prettier, taller, etc. because you are ALREADY perfect! So, how do you measure your self worth? The way to measure your self-worth is by the Word of God and You. You must change how you see yourself, how you love yourself and how you treat yourself. Be your own best friend, be your own cheerleader and lift yourself up. In life, there are so many people and things that pull us down, don’t be one of those people and things…LOVE YOU AND OTHERS WILL LOVE YOU!

how do you measure your self worth?

I hope this helped someone out there. I write this because during the holidays, suicide and depression rates are at their highest. We have to learn to love ourselves, to lift ourselves up and remind ourselves of the intrinsic value that we have as human beings. We have to allow God to do the rest. When we are hopeless and feel worthless, ask God to reveal your value to you and He will. Share this post with someone who needs it and remember, I love you and hope and pray the best for you.

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Fly Day!


Okay, so when I turned 23yrs old, I had just gotten back from San Diego, Cali and I cried my little eyes out because I was a college dropout, I was unmarried, I had no kids and I thought I was soooo old. Boy, if I had known better, I would have danced all night and celebrated like it was my 21st birthday. I was so young! Now I’ve arrived to my 30th birthday and God not only brought me my soulmate, but I’m working on my Masters Degree. I’ve realized that life is about enjoying yourself and learning to find inner joy, no matter where you find yourself. We spend so much of our lives waiting and striving for our better tomorrow, we forget to enjoy the beauty in today.

So i decided to compile a list of 10 essential things i’ve learned in my 30 years:

  1. It Gets Better. Remember the man or girl you thought you couldn’t live without, remember that job you got fired from, remember that friend that stabbed you in the back? Well, let me tell you, time heals all wounds and it gets better. Someone better will come along to make you forget that heartache, you will get a better job with more money and God will bring you better friends. Trust me, don’t stress over the people that willingly leave your life or the things God removes. Some things/people that leave were never meant to be permanent anyway.
  2. Mom is All-Knowing and All-Wise. As a teenager, I didn’t get along with my mom at all. But when I moved out, got my own place, started paying bills and had real responsiblities, I realized I really did need her help and advice. She really does have the answers to all life questions. Cherish her. Thank you Kemi Searcy for all that you’ve done and given me.
  3. Family is Life. Enjoy the time you have with them now, because it goes by fast and they aren’t here forever. Keep in mind that friends you choose, family is just family…so love them through the good, bad and ugly.
  4. Pick Up and Go. Life is so very short, don’t spend it working, sleeping, eating and getting ready for death (i’m serious). Save money, pick up and see the world; you won’t regret it.
  5. A Penny A Day. Save money! OMG, if I could go back and tell my 19yr-old self anything, it would be to save, save, save and to leave that guy alone…lol. Don’t try and keep up with anybody that’s maxing out cards to “ball out.” Let the Kardashian’s ball out and you save your hard earned money for the future, for your kids and for retirement.
  6. Let It Go. Don’t ever hold on to toxic people, toxic things and toxic situations. Let go of anything in your life that does not benefit you. If it’s not helping you achieve your goals, then it’s probably not meant for you…let it go.
  7. Plan! Wow, this is probably the thing I’ve realized lately is very important. We have to live intentionally. We have to plan for the future we want, the kids we want, the degrees we want, the happiness we want. Life doesn’t happen accidentally, trust me, it’s all about planning and walking out that plan.
  8. Love Yourself. There is no other you. You may not have the body, height, weight, etc. that you want, but that’s okay. It’s also okay to work on the things that you know need improvement. If you decide you want to lose weight, go ahead and do it; if you decide that you want to wear makeup, go ahead and do it; if you decide you want to better your self through education, definitely do it. Anything that you want to do to enhance your beauty or brain, do it–but remember that it’s just an enhancement. Every improvement we make on ourselves is just icing on the cake. Remember, you are already beautiful.
  9. Serve Others. I remember one of the best things I started doing was volunteering at Faith Rescue Mission here in my hometown. I would go three times a week to serve food in their soup kitchen. Everybody in there showed me such love that I couldn’t help but love them back. The first day I went there I cried as I served the food, and I made up in my mind to always remain humble, grateful and to always give back to those less fortunate than myself. Find someway you can serve someone else and see how much fuller your life will be.
  10. Last but definitely not least…LOVE GOD! Without Him, none of these lessons would be worth anything. I love because He first loved me. So take time out to cultivate and form a relationship with him. Find a local church and spend time getting to know the One who loves you enough to die for you.

So, in a nutshell, that’s what i’ve learned in 30 years of being on this earth. Every lesson in life can be summed up in these 10 things and I am ever grateful for the life God has given me.

I am determined to make this 30th year my best year ever. I may no longer be in my 20’s but I’m grateful to still be alive, thriving and happy. Plus, I have so much more vision and drive now than when I was in my 20’s. What dreams and desires do you want to accomplish before your next birthday? Let me know.

Thank you all for the support and love for me and for this blog. I love every single one of you.


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