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Black Power: What I’m Wearing to the Black Panther Premiere

February 16, 2018 is a BIG day because Black Panther comes and so does my power outfit

I plan on BUSTING the cinema doors wide open next month, dressed in ALL BLACK waiving my fist in the hair and celebrating the power that is Black Panther. I am so excited about this movie for more than one panther

When I was a young kid in Africa, my favorite superhero was Captain Planet. Who remembers him and his team of planeteers? They would go around saving the planet from all and any environmental disaster….Y’all i’m singing the theme song in my head now (lol). FYI I had a huge crush on Kwame, who was from Ghana and possessed the power of earth (yea, I was that kid).


Who else is planning on seeing Black Panther with me and if so, what are you wearing?! I actually planned on wearing something very Ankara and tribal but then I realized it was also Black history night and I wanted to make sure I was regal, powerful and unforgettable in black leather…ayyyeeeee! My motto for that night is Black Panther Loves Black Leather!

black panther

I am decked out in faux leather from head to foot in this post and I love it! I wanted to add some color to the look and what is better than a power red and a caution belt to warn people that I am armed and ready to slay. But seriously, I want to see this movie not only because it gives us a black superhero, which we desperately need, but also because of the powerful black females that are a part of the cast. These women just aren’t arm candy or helpless maidens waiting to be rescued, but they are QUEENS and warriors in their own right and as women, we need to see more of this on the big screen.

Now, let’s talk about this all black ensemble. When wearing black, I like to mix different textures and prints. When wearing any monochromatic look, keep this in mind…mix textures. I have a soft sheen faux leather stretch thigh-high boots and a faux leatherette jacket with a fur collar. Everything is black and leather but the textures are different. I also added a red patent leather bag to complete this ensemble. You don’t have to copy my look exactly but I want to give you some of my favorite leather items that would definitely make a statement at the Black Panther premiere.


black pantherblack pantherblack panther

black pantherblack pantherblack panther

black pantherblack panther

black panther

black panther


Now that you know what i’m wearing to watch Black Panther, let me know what you’re wearing. Don’t forget to be as fierce as possible to celebrate this movie that’s a celebration of black prowess and power. Click the links and find something on my list that speaks to you. You can read my favorite blog post on how to set achievable New Years goals HERE.

If you recreate this look, find and tag me on Instagram at oluwafunmifly or on Facebook at Houseofodara.