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Affirmed: Daily Affirmations That Really Work!

daily affirmations
“Daily Affirmations should be taken every morning with a cup of coffee and a side of self-love”
We have made it to the fourth MONDAY in January and I hope all is going well. If things aren’t going accordingly…put your hand over your chest, feel your heart beat and be thankful that you are still alive! Many people didn’t make it to see this new day but we did. Stop, and speak daily affirmations over yourself and your situation and watch it begin to change.
Daily AffirmationsCut yourself some slack. Be gentle, be kind, be loving to yourself (and others).
Today grants you another chance and a new opportunity for you to work on getting it right. Stop beating yourself up over little things. Don’t sweat the small stuff and release self-doubt from your thoughts.
I’m speaking into existence that today will be a great day for us all. Let’s start our new week with some daily affirmations.

Speak these daily affirmations over your day before you step out of your door.

  1. I AM ENOUGH– I will not conform or lesser my standards to appease or appeal to anyone who does not accept me for who I am and what I am.
  2. I AM HUMAN-I give myself permission to experience sorrow, to laugh or to cry, to make mistakes or feel failure, to grieve and to praise, and I will recognize my humanness and be submerged in all its glory.
  3. I WILL ALLOW MYSELF TO EVOLVE– I will trust my process and applaud myself for my progress. I am trying- and I will recognize that that is enough.
  4. I DESERVE RESPECT– I practice kindness, I cultivate love towards others and I have a right to expect that same energy to be emitted back to me. Being treated like a human is not too much to ask for- therefore, I will make my petition known unapologetically.
  5. I WILL NOT CONFORM TO THE WAYS OF MY ENEMIES– I will uphold my virtues and I will not stoop down to the negative actions or opinions from folks who do not walk in my light.
DIY: Write down your own daily affirmations (or use these) and place them on sticky notes around your house. By doing this, you will constantly be engaged in positive declarations. I love putting my daily affirmations all over my bathroom  mirror. This helps me when I stand in front of it and I want to put myself down, all I see are my positive daily affirmations and I remember to speak life over myself. If you’re anxious, depressed or just want motivation to succeed,  lose weight, etc., write down daily affirmations that you speak into the universe and over yourself and watch things begin to turn around for your good. IT WORKS..TRUST ME. Begin today and let me know how you feel after a week!
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Here is a great book to check out all about positivity and how changing your mindset can change your life:

Author: Ashlen Cuyler

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Single Bells…Single Bells

couple-staying-in-1-bedroom-luxury-cabins-in-Gatlinburg-TN-300x200In a cozy Tennessee cabin, a beautiful woman and a handsome man cuddle in front of the fireplace as soft jazz plays in the background. They are playing footsie, while sipping on hot chocolate, laughing and joking about Christmases long, long ago. They lovingly stare into each others soulful eyes and anticipate a lifetime filled with passion and promise…

This is someone’s story…


Just not mine!  At least, not this year!  And no you don’t have to hide all the knives and cover all the bridges. I will not be jumping unless there is a secured (very secure) bungee cord attached to me!!! Lol

There is a song that says, “What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas?”

HOLD UP…WAIT A MINUTE!! Who says you have to be lonely just because you’re single? It is very possible to be alone and not be lonely. You have family, friends, coworkers, and even frenemies that are willing to be there and be a support system for you during the holidays, if you let them. Plus, there are so many activities happening around this time of year where you can mix and mingle. So, link arms with another single friend, a cousin, or a loved one and get to mingling! Don’t dwell on being single!!



And anyway, I’m sure there isn’t a, “Build-A-Man” section in Santa’s Workshop. So no, no matter how much you pray and dream about it, Idris Elba will not be under your Christmas tree this year! lol


The truth of the matter is Jesus is the real reason for this season. What a beautiful and wonderful gift God sent us… His Beloved Son.

However, God didn’t stop sending gifts to this earth. He sent you and me.

Yaaaaaaasssss, Honey!! You are a gift!! a-christmas-giftYou may not have been given to anyone yet, but that doesn’t devalue your worth…you are priceless. You are not the kind of gift where you hope they put the gift receipt with it so you can return it later, or even the gift that ends up being re-gifted!! Your love, your time, your presence, your knowledge, your strength, your everything is a gift, and the kind that keeps on giving. You are the kind of gift that someone doesn’t even know they need until they get it. That being said, you don’t just give that kind of gift to anyone. You want to give it to someone who knows how to embrace and love all the beauty that is you!

So maybe this Christmas, you are still single. So maybe this Christmas, your Adam is STILL sleeping or your Eve hasn’t been finished yet!! That is perfectly fine!! Remember, no good thing will God withhold from them that trust and love Him.

So go ahead and enjoy this holiday season with your family and friends. And as for the question, “What do the lonely do at Christmas?” I have absolutely no idea but I’ll be having the time of my life with the ones I love and the ones who love me best!! You do the same!

Merry Christmas,



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Comment below and let me know how you like this great article by the talented and beautiful Zamaya Johnson. Share it with a friend who needs to read it and leave comments below on how you deal with being single and happy during the holidays. Love you all and thank you always for your love and support.

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