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Thrifting 101: How I Styled My Thrifted Sweater

thrifting 101: how i styled my sweater two ways

“Thrifting 101 should be a pre-requisite for any fashion lover, stylist and shopaholic”

I’ve actually posted about how to be a thrifting queen before but the post was so popular I wanted to do it again. This post is called Thrifting 101 because I want to show you that thrifting is not gross or scary. When I first started thrifting, I hated the smell and the disorder, but now, I thrive in it because I know in the middle of that old-lady-smell and the clutter, treasures are awaiting me. So, let me tell you my 5 thrifting secrets that have worked for me these past two years.

The first rule of Thrifting 101 is to GO WITH AN OPEN MIND! This is NOT Saks Fifth or even Ross Dress for Less, so don’t expect neat, orderly and even clean (LOL)! Be ready to push clothes and people out of the way as you dig for the good stuff. The second rule of Thrifting 101 is to CARVE OUT TIME TO LOOK. You have to give yourself enough time to go down each aisle and look like someone told you there was a YSL sweater in the pile. Also, look at the schedule because most thrift stores have half-off days and percentages off different color tags. You cannot be in a rush to get in and get out…take the kids to your mum, free those hands, carry a small bag and get to WERK boo. This sweater I’m blogging was found at the Salvation Army in Hoover Alabama and after looking for 15 minutes I found it and did a little dance because it was worth the time.

Thrifting 101: How I styled my sweater two-ways

thrifting 101: how i styled my sweater two waysthrifting 101: how i styled my sweater two waysthrifting 101: how I styled my sweater two ways

The third rule of Thrifting 101 is to TRY EVERYTHING ON! So, I have yet to find a thrift store that allows you to return something because it doesn’t fit, so take the time and try it on. You can put it on over your clothes if you are worried about trying it on before you wash it, but make sure you know it fits BEFORE you take it home. This takes me to my fourth rule of thrifting, WASH/DRY CLEAN EVERYTHING AFTER YOU GET HOME. Side note: read the instructions on washing directions before you clean. My cousin bought a 100% silk shirt but didn’t realize the gold she had found so she washed and ruined it. So, make sure to read and find out what material your treasure is made of before you proceed.

Last rule for Thrifting 101 is TAKE A FRIEND! Two eyes are always better than one, so grab a girlfriend and put her to work. FYI also take hand sanitizer…i’m a mini germ freak so I always keep some in my purse. Now, i’ve styled my beautiful multi-colored knit sweater two ways. The first way is as a dress with a thick belt and thigh-high boots and the second way is as my color pop over a monochromatic look. I absolutely love this knit and it’s versatility and because I found it for less less than a Chick-fil-a sandwich. I hope these five rules help you in some way. Google thrift stores near you and take a field trip to one or two, you won’t be disappointed.

For gift ideas for men this holiday season, check out my last blog post HERE!

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Don’t You Know That It’s Toxic

So, how many of you remember that song Toxic by Britney Spears (yes, i’m old…lol). In it she sings about a boy that she knows is bad for her, but she is so addicted to him that she can’t let him go. I used to be obsessed with this song when I was younger. I sang it all the time because the beat was so catchy and the song was just fun. But, it’s actually a very sad song. Britney sings that the guy she’s in love with is dangerous but she loves it! Wait, what?! But, if you think about it, haven’t we all had a toxic relationship at least once in our life? #raiseshand

I used to be in a relationship like this. I dated a guy who was very mentally and verbally abusive. I was never good enough for him. I thought if I was slimmer, if I just wore more makeup, if I didn’t talk back and agreed to everything he said, he would be nicer to me. I dumbed down my voice and personality to try and be the person he wanted. But, what I didn’t realize was that he didn’t have the capacity to love me the way I needed to be loved. He had his own issues and problems. He was miserable, so all he had to give was misery. Now, if I decided to stay in that relationship, hoping and praying he would change, I would have no one to blame for my decision. So, I did the smart thing, I RAN! I left that relationship and never looked back. Believe me, it wasn’t easy to let go of someone I thought I loved so much, but I saw my future and I wanted better for it. I prayed and asked God for strength not to go back and not to give in. I occupied myself with other things, and a couple of months later I realized I hadn’t thought about him or about that situation in weeks.

Your situation might be different from mine. You might have been or are currently in a toxic friendship. You know, that friend that always puts you down, is secretly jealous of you and never has anything good to say about you. Or you might currently be in a toxic relationship where you are being abused physically or emotionally. Or your issue might be a boyfriend or girlfriend that only uses you for your money, your body or your attention. We’ve all invited these toxic people into our lives and allowed them to overstay their welcome. Sometimes we are so afraid of being alone, of letting go, of the unknown that we just live in the mess hoping for change. And sometimes we just stay hoping for the best. What we have to realize is that we have to be the change we want to see. If someone or something in your life is unhealthy, “do da Heisman on em” and keep it moving. Remember that you are worth more!

As we enter 2016, let’s make a decision together to let go of any relationships that are toxic. Whether platonic or romantic, if it doesn’t benefit us, our dreams and our goals, we will let it go. Let’s also decide to grab ahold of the things that matter to us, and be passionate about the good and healthy things in our lives. How many of you all will do this with me?

I want to know what toxic relationships and situations you have already let go of and which ones you plan on letting go of in 2016.  Share this post with someone that needs it and comment below and let us  your thoughts. Plus, I know I have some wise followers, so comment and let us know ways you cut toxic things out of our life. I can’t wait to read your responses.


*If you are in a physically toxic relationship, please find a pastor or counsellor to talk to. This is a serious situation and you have to speak to someone about it to get help and assistance in getting out. You are worth more than someone who cannot respect you enough to protect you from themselves* (334.613.3363)

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Iron Bowl 2015

First things first…Alabama or Auburn?!

If you’re from the South or love college football, you know what RTR stands for: Roll Tide Roll! The University of Alabama knows they choose a bomb print and a gorgeous color for their uniforms. Houndstooth and Crimson Red go hand-in-hand like Louboutins and Louboutins…lol! I am not a big sports girl, but my husband went to the University of Alabama for undergrad so I have to support and show my team spirit…my way.

A fall essential that every girl should have in their closet is a pair or two of leather tights, leather pants or leather anything! I own about 6 pairs of leather pants and I wear them indiscriminately. I styled my faux leather pants by sugarlips with a white knitted sweater and an Anne Klein Jacket. I found another great Houndstooth jacket on Zulily for $40.00. I love these  leatherette leggings from Dillards because they are affordable and the detailing is gorgeous.

I absolutely love this Anne Klien jacket. Let me know where you found your favorite jacket and put a link down below.

Also, comment below and let me know who you think is going to take this game home, Alabama or Auburn?

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Happy Thanksgiving All,

I am going to keep this blogpost short, but I wanted to give you a BTS view of how my family celebrates Thanksgiving. Being from Africa, I never knew or celebrated Thanksgiving until I came to America. I fell in love with this awesome tradition. How wonderful is it that we get a whole day dedicated to giving thanks for all the things that we have. This is a tradition that we should try to keep all year around. I am forever grateful for all that God has given me. The opportunity to come to America, my family, my husband, my church and the future I have yet to see or achieve.

I pray that this thanksgiving was a good for you as well. Even if you didn’t celebrate it with your natural family or with all the food and friends that you wanted, you are still blessed because you are alive right now! I thank God for every single one of you that read this blog and encourage me with all the kind words and love…I pray that this holiday season is peaceful and blessed.

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After stuffing our face, my husband and I took some time out to go watch the movie Creed . Great movie! Check it out.

Comment below and let us know how your Thanksgiving went and what kind of traditions you and your family have.

BTW, how many of y’all are going out to weather the craziness that is Black Friday? Please be safe and remember that a toaster oven or vacuum is not worth your life…lol!

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Pssss…Remember that a grateful heart is a happy heart.

XoXo Emma Ford


Tuxed Out!

It’s almost a New Year you guys and I don’t know about you, but 2015 went by so quickly. I will be doing a post on planning for 2016 and how to set goals that are achievable. Comment below with some of your new year’s goals and plans.

So, i’ve always wanted to do a menswear inspired look. This look is very popular and I like the look of a powerful woman in a tuxedo. I decided to try out this style but make it a little sexy (shhhh…don’t tell my mom). I purchased this great Gianni Bini tuxedo jacket in February and it’s literally been sitting in my closet ever since. I found a sleeveless version on Dillard’s website that’s very chic and another great one, called the “Cara Jacket” is right on the money and my next purchase…(shhh don’t tell Sam). Now, remember, if you click these links, it will take you straight to these products and their websites. I know a lot of people love the whole tuxedo jackets with no shirt trend, but I am not one of those people…I need the support of a bra and shirt.

I’ve had this striped bustier for about 5 years and never worn it. American Apparel has a reasonably priced one that has underwire (the girls that need the extra support can shout now). I love underwire…even in my bathing suits. Their striped cotton spandex underwire bustier is really cute and on sale for $21.

My pants were originally wide leg pants but I took them to a tailor to get the legs slimmed down. H&M has a great pair of tuxedo pants with the satin piping on the sides and the slimmed legs. Check all these sites out and recreate this look.

These sexy Jessica Simpson Claudette D’orsay heels are simply stunning and go well with everything–I have them in three different colors. Make sure you check all these sites out and recreate this look. Also, feel free to email me some pics of you in this great look and I will repost.

Now, let me know what you think about this look, how you would have worn it differently or any suggestions that you have (comment below).

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Black Power!

There is something just sexy and powerful about an all black power outfit. We all know about the closet-essential LBD, but let me present to you the Bold Black Look (BBL). I paired a pair of black jeans with a sleeveless black sweater and thigh-high JLO boots. I love this outfit because it’s effortless without being slouchy. Plus the fur accent in the shirt makes this look even more fierce. What do you guys think? How would you have worn it differently and what are your suggestions? Remember, we are growing this blog TOGETHER. I am by no means an expert; I just love fashion and i’m always up for learning something new. Don’t be afraid to comment and we’ll help each other grow.

Since I bought these over the knee boots from Khols over two years ago, they are no longer in stock. But, Khols does carry some other great over the knee boots. Here is the Link. You can also look on Amazon for some great leather boots: there is one by MIA called the Anastacia Over-theKnee Boot. Try to stick with only Amazon Prime purchases if possible; the shipping is faster and it’s easier to dispute purchases and get your money back. FYI Students get a discounted rate for Prime membership. The jeans and shirt are both from Ross Dress for Less.

Remember FlyGirls that style doesn’t have to be expensive to be THE BOMB!!!

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