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January 11, 2016


Love Has 20/20 Vision

Love is blind.

That’s a quote I’m sure you’ve heard over and over again. It’s true in the sense that you can fall in love with a person no matter their race, socioeconomic background or place of birth. But it’s not blind in the sense that you blindly fall in love and never really see the person for who they truly are. Love is not blind and you shouldn’t be either.

When I met my husband I was working at my family church in Montgomery, AL called Fresh Anointing. The first time Mr. Samuel K. Ford Esq. set eyes on me, I was working, and working hard. He said the first thing he noticed about me was that I looked like I had everything together. Little did he know I had just gotten out of a serious and scarring relationship, I had just moved back in with my parents, and I had just stopped crying myself to sleep a week ago. But, all he saw was a tiny 4’ll girl in high heels and african clothing who seemed to “have it all together.” Well a week later his sister asked me for my number to give to him, and a week after that, we were on our first date to see Batman.

1st Date











We sat in the 3hr movie and didn’t get to speak to each other. BTW this was my very first time setting eyes on him. After that, the rest is history. We got engaged, married, bought a house and moved to another city months later. Life moved FAST!

So, in a nutshell that’s our life in review. 4 years and two cities later, we are still going Strong (thank you Jesus). He is my Man Crush Everyday because I choose to make him my Man Crush. Marriage is beautiful, but it is work. Ask anybody that’s been married longer than I have…you get what you put into it. But, the work should begin before you even get married. Like I said before, love has 20/20 vision. So, you found a great guy, make sure he is R.E.A.L.

  1. Reliable: Make sure if he/she does what they say they’re going to do. Dating is a dress rehearsal for what you’ll get in marriage. So if this guy or girl is flaky now and doesn’t keep their word, they probably won’t be any better once you’re married to them.
  2. Encouraging: Never put up with anyone that always puts you down. If he or she is always finding fault with you and never has anything good to say about you…don’t stick around. Make sure they encourage you to the be the best you possible and are your biggest cheerleader.
  3. Ambitious: He or she may work at McDonald’s now, but do they have a plan or goal for their life. Remember ladies if he can’t lead himself, he definitely can’t lead you. Look for a spark of ambition and passion and make sure they have a plan to accomplish those dreams.
  4. Loving: Take a look at how he or she interacts with his father, his mother, his sisters, his friends, his co-workers. Any man or woman that knows how to treat others, will always treat you right. Make sure they have a loving relationship with God. If they do, you cannot fail…Guaranteed!

Love may be blind, but you should have 20/20 vision when it comes to finding the right person to do life with. Keep your eyes and ears open at the same time that you are falling deeply in love. Let’s make 2016 a year of good choices and no wasted time, energy, love and tears.

I hope this post helps someone out today and I hope you enjoyed the little BTS pictures into our love story. If you have any other suggestions on how to find the right person, please let us know and comment below. I always love hearing from you all.


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XoXo Emma