Sweater Weather!

It is that time of the year again. Baby it’s cold outside. The seasons are changing and I definitely love it. Being from Africa, my parents never understood why I loved winter so much. I’m the kind of girl that sleeps with my fan on and my window open in the winter. That being said, I also love the clothing that comes with this season. The boots, the sweaters, the layering…(insert heart eyes).

My favorite look for this season is a great oversized sweater with some amazing tights. Since I am a petite person, I will always belt oversized items so I don’t look like a child in my mother’s clothing. Now you can always exchange these for jeggings or even jeans if you need the extra support. Rue 21 has a great pair for a good price. Any oversized sweater will do. The one I have on I bought from Dillards and is no longer in stock. Pick one that you like and see how it looks with or without a belt and rock it.

The boots however, are AVAILABLE and amazing. I have the hugest calf muscles on planet earth so I always have a hard time finding boots that will fit over them. I love these boots because the top is open and they only zip up mid-calf. They fit like a glove. I bought them from an amazon store and they are still in stock so check it out.

Let me know what you think about this look and make sure you register below, follow me on instagram (oluwafunmifly) and friend me on Facebook. Leave your feedback in the comment section and let me know how you would have done this differently or any good sites you know that sell great oversized sweaters. Pass….one picture is not like the other. See if you can spot it and let me know.

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