Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Loves! First post of 2016 and I am beyond excited to see another day. The greatest gift we get everyday is the opportunity to open our eyes, take a deep breath, and start our day all…



HAPPY THANKSGIVING LOVES! It’s been a while since i’ve posted anything and today seems like the perfect day to begin again. So, I had a baby! LOL! I took a break to enjoy my pregnancy…plus, I was so huge,…



The first day of April…April Fool’s Day! I remember last year I played the funniest prank on my big sister. I went and got this home pregnancy test that read positive every time, no matter what! I went by…


A Stripped Affaire

Mixing colors and patterns is fun! But, It has to be done right. My little niece loves to do this–she puts on everything she can find in her closet and wants to walk out the door with a huge…


It’s All In The Jeans

Jeans are a hard thing to wear. How many ladies agree with me on this? Okay, so they’re either super tight on your legs and hips or too big around your waist. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is…


Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is in the air! How exciting! One of the best colors this Spring 2016 is Rose Quartz. You can check out the other colors for this season on Pantone’s website. I remember I used to HATE pink when…



Why is it so bad to stand out and be different? I talked to this young girl the other day who was crying because no one at school liked her and wanted to be her friend. I thought back…



Who doesn’t love a great jumpsuit?!   If you watched the Grammys, you got to see actress Kaley Cuoco of the Big Bang Theory in a beautiful white sparkling jumpsuit. It was stunning. It elongated her legs, showed off…


Little Loves!

Happy Early Love Day! I remember, when I was younger, my dad would bring home flower, a card and cash for my mom every Valentine day. Then he would go to his car and come back out with a…


LoveDay Fly

Valentine Day is 5 days away. For me, it’s all about the outfits. I tried and tried to get my hubby to do a post with me for Valentine Day but he wasn’t having it…LOL. He’s not about the…


A Furry Situation

What does it mean to love yourself? The other day a girl came up to me and told me that I had such great cheekbones and facial structure. I laughed it off and told her she must not see…