FirstLady: Jackie-O Inspired Looks

“Nothing screams demure, modest and future First Lady like an amazing skirt suit” I remember when Princess Diana died. My mum was a die-hard lover of her and her family. What she admired most about the beautiful Diana was…


Jeanetics: The Perfect Jeans for Women

“The Perfect Jeans will have every head turning in the room..trying to figure out where you got them from” Y’all the perfect jeans are as hard to find as a good man with a 200K a month job, and…

daily affirmations

Affirmed: Daily Affirmations That Really Work!

“Daily Affirmations should be taken every morning with a cup of coffee and a side of self-love” We have made it to the fourth MONDAY in January and I hope all is going well. If things aren’t going accordingly…put…

puffer jacket

Puffed: Perfect Puffer Jackets This Winter

“A Puffer Jacket is the “it girl” this season and can be worn in so many beautiful ways…so, do you have yours?  There are some trends that are not worth paying attention to and then there are trends that are…


BOSSED UP: Pants Suits For The Everyday Woman

“You know a boss lady when she struts into the room suited and booted in a well-fitted pantsuit” Soap Box Moment: For so long, women have worked harder or as hard as men but made statistically less dollar for…

travel tips

Wanderlust: New Years in New Orleans

“My travel tips came in handy on my recent visit to the beautiful New Orleans” How did you ring in 2018?! I brought it in with my husband and son and a family friend in New Orleans. There are…